Anthony: I’m Anthony and this is Tanya. We have four kids and we’ve been a part of Grace since 2012.

Tanya: My sister was a member of Cru at the University of Iowa and she had been attending Grace and one day she just said, “I think you should come along with me.” And once I came I just felt something that felt like home. Where I was six years ago: seeking, broken. Our marriage was almost non-existent at that time.

Anthony: I would say “lost” is how I would describe myself at the time. And yea, she’s right, we were seeking. Well I think where things started to change for us was when we started to get counseling. Where we started to, I guess, see that we were living our lives for ourselves, even though we were in a relationship and we said we cared and we loved each other we were living our lives for ourselves. We were living our lives for our kids. But we weren’t living it for God. And we weren’t living it for each other.  

Tanya: We just made a decision, a very vulnerable one, to trust God first and foremost, for everything and once I was able to start doing that it just changed everything. My dedication to put God first and realizing that the control had to be given up to Him, and really let anger and resentment just are really words that I though changed in me as I was able to give it all to God.

Anthony: One of the things that has helped us and influenced our walk is the way that the church has built a community around us. We have support in different areas with different people that we can go to. We’ve seen our children impacted by this church through the Children’s Ministry, through their knowledge of God growing. When we were separated I would stop by the house and visit and it was Lily’s tears and Lily’s prayers that just kept on poking me because she would pray and she would pray with me and she would say, “Daddy, I’m praying for you.” And she was, her prayers availed much, because it worked. So we pray every night when she goes to be and she’s very interested in the things of God.

Tanya: People have learned about our story. People have connected with us inside the church and outside the church from hearing our story and asking if we could help someone or just have a conversation. It’s been a huge blessing for us to be able to do that for others because it also reminds us of where we were and where we are now and how grateful we are for that.
Anthony: Jesus Christ loves you in more ways than you could ever know. This walk with Christ it is, in terms with what eternity looks like, your walk with Christ on earth is very short, so I would say to you, continue to read your Bible and trust Him and fellowship with the members of the church. You know, coming to church is not just walking into the building on Sundays, but its to look into the face of the people who are going through the walk with you, to hug them, smile with them, talk to them and get fed with the word and then go back out, but just keep on walking. I made a mistake to stop walking and to stop trusting and through all of that, Christ being the God of love pursued and is teaching me how to take one step at a time. So continue to walk with Christ.

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