CHAD: My name is Chad Streit and my wife is Jennifer. We have three kids, we have an adult son, Jwan, who we adopted, and then we have Andrew and Evan, who are 13 and 12 and we’ve been at Grace since 2001. Community Groups have meant a lot to our family in many different ways. First of all it is our church family, that’s who we turn to for support when there’s crisis or where there’s celebrations. Everything else is schedule around this and it’s the priority in our life.

JENNIFER: I think community group has been the catalyst that has helped us grow the most in our walk with Christ. Getting us in the word, being accountable to being in the word and to serving each other. There are times in our group when there’s a need; a single mom’s car will break down and somebody that she just met two weeks ago in our group will say, “Hey, we’ve got a third car, go ahead and take it for the weekend.” No questions asked. I mean, we fill each others needs, see a need and fill the need.

CHAD: I think being involved in missions has affected our family in a lot of ways. A specific example was the summer of 2017, when our boys went on their first trip. They were excited to go, they’ve wanted to go for a while, but to actually have them see what it looks like in another country, obviously was very eye-opening for them.

JENNIFER: And I think it started back in kindergarten here, at Grace, they have something called “Missions Club.” Both of our kids were involved with that for the entire time that they were able to. And so they’ve had a heart for missions since then and have wanted to reach other people and spread the gospel throughout the world.

CHAD: About 5 years into our being part of the Grace body we attended a one-day Crown Financial Seminar that gave us a really strong foundation of what it means to steward in a biblical sense, and that still continues today with the Biblical Finances Class.

JENNIFER: In the first 5 minutes of the seminar they said something like, “It’s not your money, it’s God’s money.” And however they said that completely changed how we look at everything. How we use our resources, our money, how we serve at Grace. Our motivation comes from a different place now.

CHAD: It affects how we make decisions, so when there’s a bigger decision that needs to be made that’s kinda the basis we go to, it’s not ours it’s God’s, so how would God want us to make that decision?

I think what excites me is that Grace is growing and the Momentum initiative that’s coming up (began fall 2018), if we can get folks to change their thinking the way that Crown Financial did for us, it’s not ours, it’s God’s, I think that’s really exciting. If we had somewhere close to 100% of the membership giving on a regular basis, whatever that amount is, that’s gonna be a huge impact. We’ll have more resources, to do more things. To have a different building, to have programs to reach more people in the community and around the world. But I think the bigger impact would be the discipleship, seeing people grow in their faith, because when we think about , money that is an area where it takes a lot of trust. If we’re holding on to our money because we don’t trust, then we’re not growing in our relationship with God. If that’s a step in that direction of showing that trust in our relationship then that’s gonna lead to growth in different ways. If we’re trusting God with our money and our resources we trust Him with all sorts of other things, and then the growth from that can be just amazing.

JENNIFER: I think that how we can reach the community, we’re kinda limited right now by space and if we have that extra space and the resources the outreach we could do in North Liberty and the Corridor and Eastern Iowa and with Church Planting; I think Momentum is just the beginning of it.

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