This video was part of our Momentum Small Group video series. Matt’s testimony is the second half of this video.


Before I came to Grace I didn’t really ever go to church I wasn’t raising my kids in a Christian home. My wife and I started having marital issues because I guess I just got tired of living the way I was living. I didn’t enjoy my life and I decided I wanted to move on. My pride was just exploding everywhere. I mean, I thought I was on top of the world and I just kinda let that seep into every avenue of my life. I thought that my five kids and my wife were second to everything else. In that I didn’t have God involved in my life at all. It just wasn’t something that I worried or thought about.

And I met a woman through work that I started hanging out with, talking to and spending hours talking to on the phone and everywhere else. My wife found out about it and that got us into counseling. We separated, she was living with her parents and she took the kids. And it just boiled down to at one point I ended up alone in my house and I started yelling at God. I started basically arguing with God and screaming at Him and just, I hated where He’d put me. I hated that my life was turning out that way when it had not so long before seemed like everything was going perfect. An hour and a half of me screaming at God and then when I was wore out and done I was just done. When I woke up the next morning I was changed. I called my wife, I told her I wanted to work on everything. I came into Grace shortly after and they were preaching on the 7 Deadly Sins and it was conviction every weekend, every week. I’d walk in here and I just felt cut to the heart. It was amazing. There was a point where God softened my heart and prepared me for it and I walked in and heard the gospel, and that’s where my life changed.

Until I came to Grace I never knew anything about Community Groups. I never knew that people got together and shared meals and shared life and read the Bible and talked about God outside of church. It gives us people to grow with and bond with and just kinda do life with. I’ve been more open to helping other people, I think that’s a big part of coming here, since coming to Christ, since coming to Grace, it’s just that there’s plenty of places that you can serve the church and I think it’s important that everybody be involved. You have this many people, and this is already an amazing church, but if everybody, everybody got involved and if everybody put in what was on their heart it could just, unstoppable.

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