About five years ago Mike and Michelle Lindberg came to Grace for premarital counseling and in the midst of premarital sessions were encouraged not to get married yet but to wait and work on the issues that both of them were bringing into the marriage. They decided to go ahead anyway and get married and it wasn’t long before their marriage was in deep trouble due to adultery, financial issues, addictions, and deep heart issues. Instead of getting a divorce they turned to Grace for counseling. 

Over the next two years Mike and Michelle began to get biblical counseling where they were equipped with the gospel and what it should look like in the context of marriage. At the same time, they got into a community group where they were accepted, loved and encouraged to put one foot in front of the other in daily surrendering and obeying the call of God in the scriptures. 

Transformation began to happen. First of all, Mike surrendered his life to Christ and both Mike and Michelle did a lot of repenting which led to a lot of healing. They began to align their lives, finances, habits, choices, and time to God’s plan and doing that in gospel community. The Holy Spirit was doing a miracle in their hearts. After about two years, Michael and Michelle graduated from biblical counseling and they are experiencing a marriage that is gospel-centered. They are plugged into community and serve as leaders in the Student Ministry.

Mike and Michelle are quick to tell everyone about the radical saving power of Christ and that He is still doing miracles in the lives of people. They are so thankful for how the power of Christ was displayed to them through the teaching, equipping, counseling and community groups at Grace. The transformation that the Lindbergs have gone through is nothing short of God’s powerful sovereignty working in and through people at Grace Community Church. 

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