In 2009 we had our last Vacation Bible School (VBS) and in 2010 we had our first Backyard Bible Club. We made the switch because we were recapping our 2009 numbers at a staff meeting and realized that while we had record attendance we only had a small handful of unchurched kids at VBS. The people we were ‘reaching’ were ourselves. Not quite the great commission. So we changed. We launched into backyards, invited neighbors that were across the fences, streets  and blocks and we’ve never looked back. 

The hospitality, fellowship, and building of relationships in backyards and parks is unmatched. Over the nine years, we have seen many unchurched kids and families attend that wouldn’t feel comfortable coming to a church. 

Because of Momentum, we are able to ratchet up our reach by buying and literally highlighting club verses in new Bibles and giving them to the kids that don’t currently own a copy. We know it is God alone who changes hearts and by putting His word into their hands we’ve got it about 18 inches from their hearts. Let’s pray for those last 18 inches and see what God will do as we faithfully minister to our community.

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