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Momentum Gauge

July 2019  Quarterly Upddate

Dear Grace Family,

In the fall of 2018, Grace Community launched Momentum, a two-year discipleship initiative aimed to spur one another on to advance God’s kingdom through praying, giving, and serving. Our primary goal is 100% engagement, we want everyone at Grace to ask the Lord how He would have them to pray, give, and serve. Our secondary goal is to expand our giving in two years to 6.8M in order to fund the ongoing ministry and missional expansion at Grace.

So many of the ministry initiatives of Momentum are being 

accomplished because of your ongoing generosity! This summer, Backyard Bible Clubs are springing up throughout the corridor as people rally to love their neighbors, tangibly serve them while building relationships, and ultimately sharing the gospel. We again have the opportunity to host the Arc this summer at Grace’s North Liberty campus. Hosting them is a way to open up our facilities to serve kids with disabilities and their families. Many of these initiatives would not be possible without the continued offerings of the saints. 

But Momentum initiatives are not fueled by financial giving alone! Backyard Bible Clubs would not be possible if people did not open their homes and community groups did not adjust their schedules and priorities to make time to serve and reach out to others. We are encouraged and humbled to see the work God is accomplishing through you as you serve Him. This quarterly update is a further peek at what is going on with Momentum.

Pastor Steve,

mo in green july update

In 2010 we decided to take the gospel to Pinehurst, Riverside, Lockmoor and many other streets as Vacation Bible School transformed into the accessible and mobile version, Backyard Bible Club.

Backyard Bible Clubs
Years hosting the Arc
2019 Arc Campers
Kids at Backyard Bible Clubs

A Ministry Transformed

In 2009 we had our last Vacation Bible School (VBS) and in 2010 we had our first Backyard Bible Club. We made the switch because we were recapping our 2009 numbers at a staff meeting and realized that while we had record attendance we only had a small handful of unchurched kids at VBS. The people we were ‘reaching’ were ourselves. Not quite the great commission... read the whole story.

The Arc

at Grace Community Church doing camp


Three years ago, the Arc teamed up with Grace Community Church to use our church building eight weeks in the summer for tween and teen day camps... read the whole story.

To Such As These

Korene Lanxon, our Special Needs Coordinator, once said, “God welcomes His people into His kingdom regardless of earthly abilities, and we need to emulate the same concept at our church doors.” It has been a blessing to host the Arc, and we want to continue for many years; however, this experience has brought to light that our facility is accessibility deficient... read the whole story.