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Everyone's guide to Momentum is the Field Guide. It has everything from your daily prayer journal to sermon notes and a lot of take-it-with-you information on the whys, hows and what's of Momentum.

A cheat sheet. It's inevitable that people are going to want the inside scoop on Momentum. What it is, what it isn't. The fact is that most of us haven't been working on Momentum non-stop since January... but the few of us who have been made a cheat sheet for those who are being asked questions about it for the first time because we're sweet and we love you.

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With more detail than the cheat sheet and less detail than the 92-page Field Guide, the Momentum Page is the happy medium version on Momentum.

The whole Commitment Card laid out for you. Just in case you want to look at it this way first. Ya know, figure out how the math works, pull it up on a TV screen for your group to look at together.

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We're all going to have lots of questions and if the FAQ page doesn't quite cut it, the resources aren't enough or you just need that personal touch you can contact our core Momentum team at by email and we'd be happy to help.