Patty Stolbom

Pastoral Secretary

Patty Stolbom serves Grace Community as the pastoral wrangler–I mean secretary, mostly organizing the interwork lives of Pastors Paul and Brooks. She began attending Grace in 2012, was baptized here in 2013, and became a member and got married here in 2015 too. Patty says, “When I first started attending Grace I felt like I had come ‘home’. It is a very welcoming place that only exists because of the people here that are passionate about the Lord!” Patty is married to Dave and they have quite the family line up of three collective sons and two daughters, all married, bringing Patty’s total grandkid count to six! When she’s not being a grandma, which is her favorite job, she enjoys reading, listening to music, taking photos, being outdoors, baking and traveling. She also has a soft spot for cows.