Reopening FAQ

Outdoor Service FAQs

What time are the outdoor services?

  • North Liberty service is at 8am, with an online service at 10am
  • Downtown service is at 5pm


Where are the outdoor services located?

  • North Liberty's service will be in the field behind the building
  • Downtown's service will be in the parking lot next to Old Brick


Are masks required at outdoor services?

No, masks are optional at outdoor services at both campuses.


What time should I get to church to find a spot?

We encourage you to arrive at least 15 minutes before service starts to find your spot and get settled.


What should I bring with me?

Bring everything you will need to sit outdoors in the grass (or parking lot for Downtown). This includes water, blankets, camp chairs, sunscreen, bug spray, and other things for you to be comfortable outside. The field is partially shaded at 8am, but some spots will be in the sun during the entire service.


Where should I park?

For North Liberty, come around back and park in the gravel parking lot. For Downtown, find a spot on the street -- there should be ample parking.


Are there parking spots for people with accessibility needs?

Yes, there will be reserved spots for attenders with accessibility needs and for families with special needs. These parking spots will be identified with signs.


Will RSVPs be required for the outdoor service?

No, the outdoors service will not have RSVPs or registrations. Seating will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Why will we be meeting outdoors instead of in the auditorium?

The decision to meet outdoors came after discussions with members of the COVID task force. Meeting outside allows us to meet more safely with social distancing measures than we would be able to in the auditorium.


How long will be be meeting outside?

We will be meeting outside starting Sunday, July 26 and continuing until at least Sunday, September 6th. We will share more details about our outdoors services in the coming weeks, and will give you two weeks notice about what services will look like after September 6th.