Help bless the schools in our community!

This Christmas season, we want to encourage discipleship and evangelism by providing an opportunity for the congregation to bless schools in our community through a project called, "Bless the Schools." Specifically this December we want to bless:

  • Teachers
  • School staff
  • School Administrators

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How you can help

If you have school-aged children, or know a teacher personally...

Please reach out to them directly and ask how you can bless them, their classroom, or their students this Christmas season. Ideas you can offer include:

  • Volunteering to help in class
  • Setting up before, or cleaning up after, an event
  • Purchasing supplies or materials for their class
  • Bringing food to a class or staff gathering

Are you reaching out to teachers directly? Let us know!


If you want to be actively involved, but don't know a teacher...

Sign up to be paired with a school near you. We'll connect you with the lay-volunteer who's coordinating the Bless project for your assigned school and they'll give you next steps to take. Grace will provide an explanatory letter that coordinators can use when contacting principals.

Do you want to be paired with a school? Let us know!


If you aren't able to be actively involved...

Consider contribute financially:  a focused giving fund has been set up to connect your donations to these efforts.

Do you want to contribute to the focused giving project? Check out the focused giving page.

Want to participate?
Let us know!