Outreach in our community

Reaching Children

We like kids here. A lot. Grace Community Church is involved in several efforts to reach out to kids in the Corridor area through ministries like Extending Grace, Safe Families and the Angel Tree Program. We also partake in community initiatives from time to time. Click here to see how we're currently reaching children at Grace.

Reaching Men

Grace Community Church values men. We host a 20-week Grace Men's Institute class and have a smattering of Men's Bible studies that guys can get plugged into. We also do a lot of one-off events and conferences that you can find on the men's campus page. Click here to see how we're currently reaching men at Grace.

Reaching Women

Grace Community Church values women. We have a women's ministry that hosts events and connects ladies with women's Bible studies. Click here to see how we're currently reaching women at Grace.

Reaching the Poor

Jesus cares for the outcast, tends to the widows and orphans and seeks out the poor. We desire to follow His example by partnering with Shelter House, the Johnson County Crisis Center and Ed Bateman with Brotherhood Prison Ministry.

Reaching College Students

The Downtown Iowa City Campus is particularly equipped to reach college students. Every semester the Downtown Campus hosts a Finals Week Cereal Bar and in November there's also an International Student Thanksgiving Shin Dig. We also partner with Friends of International Students to connect American families with International Students so they can have the feeling of a home away from home. Click here to see how we're currently reaching college students at Grace.

Grace's Meals Ministry

The mission of the Meals Ministry is to supply prepared meals to those in the Grace family who need support during an illness, bringing home a new baby, recovery from surgery or other special circumstances. Need a meal or know someone who does?

Hospital and Home Visits

If you or a loved one have been hospitalized, don't hesitate to call on our church body for assistance. We encourage you to ask your Community Group leader for prayer and support. If you are attending Grace but not in a group, you can contact us for further assistance with a hospital or home visit.

Benevolence Requests

Before requesting assistance, we ask that you first bring the need to your Community Group. We pursue and live out gospel-centered community through groups and hope that you reach out to your closest community in times of hardship.

If you attend Grace but aren't part of a community group and need assistance, contact us and we will have you fill out a benevolence application and someone from our finance team will contact you. This individual will provide guidance and give you further information about what assistance the church can provide.


Our desire is to serve and assist you in times of loss. We make our facilities available for funerals, but availability is limited. Only certain days and times of the week are open, and those times often change week to week. If you want to check availability or if you need a pastor from Grace to conduct a memorial service or funeral, please contact us here.