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Safe Families

What is safe families?

A movement of families helping children and parents in crisis. We create extended family-like supports for families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by faith to keep children safe and to reunite families.

Why does Grace partner with Safe Families?

We believe in the real expressions of love that Jesus showed to children. Jesus never accepted the marginalization of any group of people, kids, women, disabled, poor - you name 'em Jesus loved them. At Grace, we see that we have families who can meet the tangible and spiritual needs of other families in our community to keep families together and demonstrate the love of Jesus to our world, one family at a time.

Ryan & Natasha Miller

Safe Family Advocates

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Stories that make God smile

  • You Make the Difference
    The day was a Thursday, May 18th to be exact, as went along performing our daily activities without any knowledge of what the day would bring. However, within hours we would have an opportunity to serve and love another family on the brink of crisis. Around ... read more
  • Why We Serve: Ruth’s Story
    Why is it so important to serve others?  Ruth Leman’s stories from her time working in Safe Families show us the motive behind pouring Christ’s love into our communities. Ruth first learned about Safe Families for Children five years ago when the Fort Wayne chapter was launched at Wallen Baptist ... read more
  • Not-So-Fast Friends
    Here’s an honest and thoughtful snapshot one of our Family Friends shared about her experience with coming alongside one mom… My relationship with mom has been challenging.  She wasn’t immediately warm or welcoming, often canceled our appointments at first. When the Safe Families staff suggested I offer to babysit for an afternoon ... read more
  • Hearts to Serve
    What work does God do in our hearts to prepare us to serve others and extend His unconditional love?  Host Parents Jeff and Amy Oehler have opened my eyes to the many ways God equips us to do His work. How did the Oehler’s get involved with the Safe Families ... read more
  • Serving Together
    When Safe Families came to our church, we gladly applied to serve as Family Friends. After all, our own two children are small and our lives are filled with work responsibilities and family commitments. One day in early fall, our Ministry Lead told us that an inmate at the local ... read more