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Safe Families

What is safe families?

A movement of families helping children and parents in crisis. We create extended family-like supports for families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by faith to keep children safe and to reunite families.

Why does Grace partner with Safe Families?

We believe in the real expressions of love that Jesus showed to children. Jesus never accepted the marginalization of any group of people, kids, women, disabled, poor - you name 'em Jesus loved them. At Grace, we see that we have families who can meet the tangible and spiritual needs of other families in our community to keep families together and demonstrate the love of Jesus to our world, one family at a time.

Ryan & Natasha Miller

Safe Family Advocates

of kids return to their family
volunteers are directly involved
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churches involved for one united purpose

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Stories that make God smile

  • Hearts With More Room
    We had been foster parents for 30 years and gave up our license only because the agencies were still asking us to adopt when we knew our adopting days were past. By this time, we had already adopted 7! It was just so hard to say “no” ... read more
  • Growing Our Own Children
    We started safe families last February and since then we have hosted five kids. Having kids of our own we weren’t exactly sure how this would all go but now that it’s been a year we can’t believe how many blessings we have been able to experience as a family. ... read more
  • An Enduring Relationship, part 2
    This is second and final part of a story of an enduring relationship that has lasted seven years! Be sure to read the host mom’s account too. ___ My Mom Was in Crisis. I Needed Safety. Hello my name is Chris. I am a first-generation Asian American. I moved into ... read more
  • An Enduring Relationship
    This is the first part of a two-part series. First, we hear from the host parents. The second post will feature the child impacted by this hosting relationship. Enjoy! ___ Jim and I saw the movie, Blindside, in late 2009, and were “blindsided” with God’s prompting to help children at ... read more
  • As If Angels Appeared…
    Hello! My name is Jacqueline. My journey with safe families started nearly six years ago alone and afraid with five children and one on the way in a maternity home in St. Charles. I couldn’t believe that my life has gotten to this point, I couldn’t comprehend ... read more