Interested in joining a community group?

Get started by sharing a little bit about your household and your preferences for small group community.

What are community groups for?

Community groups are a Gospel-centered place to:

  • Be known and know others
  • Be cared for, and care for others
  • Serve to bless one another, and the community around us.


Groups meet across the community

We have over 35 groups of all life-stages meeting in nearby communities, including:

  • East & West Iowa City
  • Coralville
  • North Liberty
  • Amana Colonies
  • Solon
  • Tiffin
  • West Branch

Interested in leading a group?

  • Multiply out of an existing group
  • Launch into leadership or co-leadership of an existing group
  • Step into leadership through a Thrive leadership class
  • Participate in community group leader training seminar

No matter how you become interested in leadership, we want to help train, support, and launch you as a group leader; and are ready to help your group flourish. After completing the short leadership application below, you’ll meet with a community group coach for a brief interview and they’ll help you take your next steps into leadership.

Resources for groups and their leaders

We want to provide everyone with resources that they need to be disciples of Jesus every day of the week because you must be a disciple before you can make disciples. These resources can also be found on our app, so they're always with you to use and share.