What are Community Groups?

One of our core values at Grace is gospel community. Because our walk with God is not an event, but a way of life, we believe that God's people are called to live life together on days that end with "y". At Grace, one of the ways we practice gospel community is in Community Groups. These groups meet in homes and are made up of three to seven families. In Community Groups we share stories, study the Bible, live on mission, eat and have fun together.

What Are Community Groups for?

Community Groups are the place to live out your faith with a small group throughout the week. It is a place to experience more intimate friendship, study the Bible, prayerfully put God's Word into practice, celebrate joys, struggle through the sufferings of life and to live out a life of love for our community.


Join a Community Group

We have community groups that meet all over the Corridor in places like North Liberty, Iowa City, Solon, Swisher and Coralville. You can always ask someone you know about joining their group, but if you'd like some help finding a group we're here to help you!

Resources for Groups and their Leaders

We want to provide everyone with resources that they need to be disciples of Jesus every day of the week because you must be a disciple before you can make disciples. These resources can also be found on our app, so they're always with you to use and share.