Brooks Simpson

Teaching Pastor

Dave Kirk

Family Ministries and Biblical Counseling Pastor

Greg Gilbaugh

North Liberty Campus Elder

Jason Blackley

Downtown Campus Pastor

Jeff Thompson

Downtown Campus Elder

Jim Sabin

Counseling Elder

Paul Hansen

Executive Pastor

Rick Wyss

North Liberty Counseling Elder

Steve Scheperle

Downtown Campus Pastor

Tarryl Bockelman

North Liberty Connections Elder

Toby Thompson

Elder at River City Church Plant

Tom Widmer

North Liberty Missions Elder

Staff Members

Aimee Marino

Family Ministries and Biblical Counseling Administrative Assistant

Brian Hagedorn

Student Ministry Director

Caleb Stamp

Business Administration Director

Chelsy Reed

User Experience Communications Designer

Cindy Sulwer

Children's Ministry Director

David Murry

Audio Technician

Eva Anderson

Connections Director

Gabe Isbell

Technology Director

Jean Keeley

Office Manager

Judy Bieker

Church Secretary

Kathryn George

Women's Ministry Director

Korene Lanxon

Special Needs Coordinator

Lizz Hagedorn

Nursery Coordinator

Maggie Baker

Publicity Communications Specialist

Melanie Safly

Connections Administrative Assistant

Melissa Meredith

Pastoral Administrative Assistant

Natasha Miller

Elementary Coordinator

Ryan McFadden

Facilities Director

Steve Oliver

Creative Arts Director

Victoria Mueller

Downtown Administrative Assistant

Wade Summers

Community Outreach Coordinator

Zack Stanton

Music Coordinator

Zahktuthal Xalyrion

Facilities Coordinator

Field Staff