Papers, Studies, & Resources

Grace Position Papers

Philosophy of Ministry Paper

How we do ministry at Grace is led by God and His Word. If you have questions like: "How does Grace___?" they might be addressed here.

Identity Paper

This is a one page paper on the mission, values and strategy of Grace Community Church.

Why We Don't Pass the Plate

This is a write up on why we don't pass an offering plate during our services at Grace. Giving is still part of our discipleship as believers and you can learn more on giving here.

Membership Covenant

This is our membership covenant for those of our congregation who commit to being covenant disciples with Grace.

Bible Resources

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Digging into the Bible

This one-page study gives an overview on the structure of the Bible and a few additional resources.



The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a non-profit animation studio that produces biblical story accessible to everyone.



Genesis Study Guide

A pair of leader and member study guides that walks you through the lives of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob covering chapters one through thirty-two of Genesis.



Praying with the Psalms

This study shows the many shapes that prayer can take and examples from the Psalms


Books of the Bible

A color-coded chart that categorizes the types of literature in the Bible by book of the Bible. Specifically used to answer the "What kind of book is this?" question.

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Galatians Study Guide

A pair of leader and member study guides walking through the book of Acts.



Galatians Study Guide

A pair of leader and member study guides walking through the book of Galatians.



Romans Study Guide

A pair of leader and member study guides walking through the book of Romans.



2 Timothy Study Guide

A pair of leader and member study guides walking through the book of 2 Timothy.



1 John Study Guide

A pair of leader and member study guides walking through the book of 1 John.



James Study Guide

A pair of leader and member study guides walking through the book of James.


A quick reference guide to the four gospels

The Four Gospels

A chart that breaksdown the four gospels and provides key facts:


Community Group Resources

Soma Community Group Coaching Video Series

This youtube series is what many of our Community Group Leaders went through for coaching in 2016-17. It's kinda wonderful.

View the YouTube series

Speaking the Truth in Love

We hear the edict, "speak the truth in love," but what does that actually look like? What do you do? How do you tell if the person you're talking to is open to hearing? This resource will answer those questions.

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Asking Good Questions

Asking good questions to draw another human out of their shell is an art form of the highest caliber. Asking good questions isn't natural for most people, so we have a little guide to help you out.

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Asking More Good Questions

This resource from David Powlison is a list of questions that can help you get to know a person beyond the acquaintance level. These questions can also often reveal areas of the heart of another.

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DNA Groups

A DNA group is a group of two or three people of the same gender meeting weekly and walking through the DNA group flow of discover, nurture and act.

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Counseling Resources

Root and Fruit Diagram

If you've been in any of our counseling geared classes or conferences you've heard of the 'root and fruit' concept and have probably seen one of the renditions of this very diagram.


The Genuine Heart of a Counselee

There is such a thing as a counselee who doesn't want the help of their counselor. To prevent burn out and to prioritize counselees who want God to work in them we use the guidelines in this resource.

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The Y Counseling Diagram

Everyone comes to a fork in the road of life where we have to choose to live for ourselves or God. This diagram is used to work out the practical consequences of those choices we make.


Habits of Worship

Adapted from Mark Shaw's book, Heart of Addiction, this diagram helps us work through the habitual practices of worship in our lives.

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Four Rules of Communication

The four rules of communication come out of Ephesians 4:25-32 and set forth a biblical precedent for loving and wise communication methods in any type of relationship.

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50 Questions to Ask Your Spouse

This list of questions came from the first track of the Biblical Counseling Conference. It's a list of questions to go through or pick from to ask your spouse to be intentional and get to re-know them.

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Missional Resources

The Story

The Story booklet leads us through the story of the Gospel in a simple way that is easy to share with others.

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How to Tell Your Story with Jesus as the Hero

This resource explains how to use your personally testimony to make much of Christ and what He has done for you.

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Prayer Resources

Studies in Prayer

Tim Keller leads us through corporate and personal prayer as well as meditation, praise, adoration, confession and repentance.

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The Basics of Prayer

Soma has written a fantastic "basics-of-prayer" paper that provides a simple guide for learning how to pray and what to pray about.

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Acts Prayer Model

Learning to pray can be challenging. There are several ways to approach prayer, and the ACTS prayer model is just one, but it's really good if you're new to the practice of prayer or if you're in a rut.

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