FAQs about focused giving

Are focused gifts tax-deductible like my other gifts?

Yes, focused gifts are considered tax-deductible, and will be included on the end-of-year giving statement for tax reporting purposes.


What happens if a focused giving project is overfunded or costs less than anticipated?

In the event that a project becomes overfunded, any remaining focused giving donations for that project will be applied to a similar project in that ministry area.


What happens if a focused giving project is underfunded?

If a project does not meet its funding goal, those overseeing the project will scale the project down in a way that will effectively use the amount received without causing undue burden to the overall budget. 


Are there other projects coming for 2021-2022 that aren't listed yet?

All currently planned projects have been listed on our website.


What if I want to donate to something that doesn't have a project listed?

Aside from these focused giving projects, any activities, projects, or ministries that Grace is participating in are funded by the general budget.  In order to support the ongoing ministry of the church, we encourage you to give to our general fund.


How will I find out if a project fully funds or not?

We will be posting project updates to the focused giving website. You may view project updates on our funded projects page.


Will I be notified if my donations are used for something other than the project I intended?

In the unlikely event that focused giving donations cannot be used for their intended purpose, or applied to a similar project in that ministry area, we'll share updates on graceb3.org.


Does the money need to be spent in the year it's given, or can it be held over to a future year?

We intend to spend focused giving funds in the fiscal year they are received, but in the event that a project extends beyond that, the funds can and will be held over into the next fiscal year.


Can I suggest a project for focused giving?

Focused giving projects are identified by ministry teams as part of the annual budget planning process. That said, we understand that unplanned opportunities and projects may present themselves throughout the year.  If you would like to suggest a project, please reach out to a staff member. Staff contact information can be found on our staff page.


Can I stipulate that my donation not be used for something, but otherwise used as needed?

As a general rule, outside of our identified focused giving projects, we will not accept restricted-use or earmarked donations.


Are donor identities public or private information?

Donor identities are kept private.  While summary-level giving data (i.e. totals and trends) are shared with elders and senior leadership team, only the Operations Director and the offering counting team have access to individual donor information.