Guatemala Short-term Missions trip

February 10 - 17, 2024

Day 2 | Sunday, Feb 11

Stoves, Foundation building, Home Visits


Jacob & Shaylee Adrian

Stove Installations
Today a group of 6 of us did 3 stove installs. Our first home was a family with 3 children ages 13, 9 and 7, a mother and grandmother. The oldest daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. We were able to give this family some food and a Bible. When their stove build was finished they picked fresh coconuts out of the tree in their front yard, cut off the tops with a machete, gave us straws, and we all sat down and enjoyed fresh coconut water together. What an experience! We are learning that Guatemalans are very hospitable and kind. At the second home we met a mother with a joyful smile and her 3 children. The mother was making fresh tortillas on her old ‘stove’ (open fire) when we arrived. We passed out gum to the children and they were giddy with giggles. The last stove install was for a mother and her 4 children ages 18, 15, 4 and 2. The older sons were playing a soccer game at the soccer field and the young girls were a little afraid of us at first. They were less shy after we passed out some toys and gum. After putting together the stove and the piping for the chimneys, Saul seasoned the cooktops and showed each family how to use them. We prayed for each family at the end of each visit. Everyone was so grateful for their new stoves and for us being there, but what a blessing they were to us as well in their joy, gratitude and hospitality.

Ryan Miller

Home Visits
Five of us had the privilege of doing home visits with four families today. One thing that stood out to our group was the joy on the children’s faces when we gave them clothes and shoes. It was apparent that these small gifts mean so much to them!

A take away for our group today is that just as we visit people here in Guatemala and ask about their health, jobs, schooling, dreams, etc., we can carry this home with us. We do this to build relationships and to share the hope of Jesus.  Our call to share Jesus with the nations is applicable no matter what country we find ourselves in.

Elyse Jacobi

House 1 Foundation Day
We got there and the Little boy at the house, came around right away and gave everybody a hug. The first thing we started to do was shovel the gravel base with the sand. Then we put down all the bricks from the foundation and mixed the cement and used wheelbarrows and buckets to carry the cement to the house foundation. We also put in a small foundation for a new toilet.
My favorite part was when the little boy at the house would run around after I was chasing him. I was really impressed about how they were all very happy even though they didn’t have a lot of the things we have. The family also jumped right in and helped us with the cement and they were working really hard at it.