Since 2008 Grace has been sending teams twice every year to Haiti on short-term mission trips. We go to the villages of Williamson and Luly, setting up medical and biblical soul care clinics. Our pastors also meet with several local pastors to do training seminars and equipping them.

Next Trip

October 12-20, 2018 | $2000/person

Dan Bovenmyer, our Community Groups Pastor and Jeff Thompson, our Downtown Campus Elder, will be leading the upcoming trip to Haiti.


Application Deadline: August 1, 2018

Haiti Blog

  • Haiti • May 13, 2018 • Debrief
    This Sunday at 11 AM in room 304-05. We’ll host the Haiti team debrief meeting. Come hear what God has done in Haiti this Spring! ... read more
  • Haiti • Spring 2018 • Day Six
    Praise God for another wonderful day serving in Haiti. We spent a full day doing clinic providing medical care and soul care to the people who came through. One woman, in particular, touched my heart as she came in with pretty bad pneumonia and dehydration. She looked very frail and worn ... read more
  • Haiti • Spring 2018 • Day Five
    Today was the first day since the Sunday we arrived that we did not have the clinic, whatever would we do?!?! Well, I feel it is safe to say God had quite the day planned for us. Our first stop of the day was to the Williamson School where many of the ... read more
  • Haiti • Spring 2018 • Day Four
    Tuesday – Clinic Day: 9am-3pm + Women’s Conference The day started with Haitian pancakes for breakfast. We returned to the WWV medical clinic in Williamson for Clinic Day#2. There were 40+ men, women and children seen in the clinic. Many physical needs were met and all patients received dedicated soul care. ... read more
  • Haiti • Spring 2018 • Day Three
    Clinic day. 9am – 3pm. Beth, Blanc (translator) and Tom with a patient     Hi church family! We started with a wonderful breakfast and prayer. The clinic is a beautiful cement building with a new flushing toilet! We were very thankful that Ray, WWV missionary and caretaker of the guesthouse, ... read more