MOPS is an international outreach ministry formed to nurture mothers of preschoolers (infants through Kindergarten). It is the goal of MOPS to provide a Christ-centered, caring ministry where friendships, creativity, and personal relationships with other moms and Jesus Christ can develop.


Our MOPS kids program is a safe, fun environment for children. Both paid childcare workers and volunteers offer children a loving environment and offer moms peace of mind that their children are in a safe place. We provide moms with pager numbers so they can be contacted at a moment’s notice if an emergency arises.


I had never heard of MOPS before I became a mom. I joined when my daughter was one, which was at a time when I really needed mom friends to help me navigate this crazy unpredictable world of raising a child. I didn’t realize that I would grow so much in my faith as a result of being in MOPS. I thought I would learn practical parenting tips(I did). I thought I would share any wisdom I had with newer moms and make friends so I didn’t feel so alone(I did). I didn’t think I would learn how to teach my kids about Jesus and be shown over and over again how desperately I needed Jesus in my daily life. For so many reasons, I am thankful that someone told me about MOPS and encouraged me to join. I wouldn’t trade my MOPS experience for the world!

-Laura Wright

For me, MOPS has always been a part of motherhood. I joined when I was pregnant with my first child and have been a member ever since. Three kids and seven years later, I still love MOPS!  MOPS meetings are great...a break from the kids, conversation with friends, good food, hot coffee and encouraging speakers. But not only that, it’s a place where you realize that you’re not alone. The same struggles you’re having, other moms are having too. Sleep issues, tantrums, potty training, sibling fighting...etc, etc. These women get me and understand my daily life! I would encourage any mom looking for support and encouragement to give MOPS a try!”

-Laura McMillin

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