Kathryn George

Women's Ministry Director


Kathryn George is an Iowa transplant as of 2015 from the sunny streets of Los Angeles, CA. She joined our team as our Women’s Ministry Director. Kathryn and husband, Chad, co-lead a community group and primarily attend the Downtown campus, helping out with several ministries. She has two sisters that live back in LA, and together they have a whole gaggle of kids. Chad and Kathryn have four kids of their own, Benjamin, Jackson, Austen and Jane. She loves Starbucks and makes her own flavored syrups at home for daily brews too. Kathryn is always up for a new adventure which recently has meant learning a bit of a new language when her Rwandan neighbors moved in down the street. She’s also been championing the Women’s Bible Study on Tuesday nights and Friday mornings and keeping quite busy.