Abrahamse August 2022

John and Lorna Abrahamse

South Africa

John and Lorna Abrahamse live in Cape Town, South Africa. They have three children, Jordan, Nathan, and Jamie. Their ministry focus is to grow healthy youth ministries throughout Africa, assist local churches with winning youth to Christ, building them to maturity, and equipping them for ministry. John provides the primary vision and strategic focus to over a dozen country leaders and three training centers across the continent for their ministry J-Life.

Lorna and I both served on youth ministry teams that toured South Africa during the early 1990s, ministering in a different church each week. A few years later, as a youth pastoral couple in a church, we took a number of short-term missions into countries in Southern Africa. The picture that emerged from all of these experiences was true to each situation and country – young people would come to an exciting meeting but they were never integrated into the church. God was using all of these experiences to birth in our hearts the desire to see the church in Africa equipped to mobilize disciple-making movements that would impact the local and global community. It has been both exciting and challenging being a part of seeing God’s faithfulness in growing the movement at His pace. We are constantly in awe of what He does.