Ongoing education is important and we are here to support you!

At Grace, we have our own Resource Center where you can stop in and buy books, booklets, and other resources. Finally, we feature a link to Faith Church’s Counseling Book Store. Should you need more or have a question please contact our counseling team by email.

BCC Articles

Articles streamed in from the Biblical Counseling Coalition blog.

  • Caring for People Who Are Different Than You
    People are different. Very Different. Head to your local mall, and it won’t take very long to figure that out. At times, it seems as though the things that previously united us together as a society are now fewer than what divides us. The church stands in the midst of ... read more
  • Compounding the Trauma of Rape
    Suffering is always involved when people seek counseling. Over the years, I have met with women suffering from depression, childhood abuse, marital abuse, and addictions. Perhaps one of the toughest situations is when a woman tells me that she has been raped. Everything about it is horrifying. Many people who ... read more
  • Dealing with Deceit and Opposition in Ministry
    The daily routine of ministry exposes a minister to a wide range of experiences. Ministry brings great joy as we witness the mighty work of Jesus in the lives of broken people. But ministry can bring a lot of challenges as well. Difficult situations frequently come upon those who are ... read more