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At Grace, we have our own Resource Center where you can stop in and buy books, booklets, and other resources. Finally, we feature a link to Faith Church’s Counseling Book Store. Should you need more or have a question please contact our counseling team by email.

BCC Articles

Articles streamed in from the Biblical Counseling Coalition blog.

  • Helping Wives Respond to the Silent Treatment, Part Two
    In Part One, we discussed what a husband’s silent treatment might be communicating and how important it is for the wife to start with God’s character when planning to respond. This post will look at two more guiding principles to help navigate this painful experience. Guide #2: The Wife Should ... read more
  • Helping Wives Respond to the Silent Treatment, Part One
    Experiencing the silent treatment is painful and confusing. It’s hard to know how to respond when someone you love has stopped speaking to you and begun ignoring you. Your emotions may swing between fear and desperation to fury and bitterness. The silent treatment is about ignoring someone as a means ... read more
  • Why Sexual Immorality Is a Big Deal
    Western society argues that the human body is insignificant. We are told that our bodies are of no value in determining identity and that sex is purely a physical need—of no significance to our personhood. Not only does Scripture argue that our bodies are significant by God’s design, but we ... read more