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At Grace, we have our own Resource Center where you can stop in and buy books, booklets, and other resources. Finally, we feature a link to Faith Church’s Counseling Book Store. Should you need more or have a question please contact our counseling team by email.

BCC Articles

Articles streamed in from the Biblical Counseling Coalition blog.

  • Don’t Just Give Them the Keys: Teens and Technology
    BCC Staff Note: Today’s blog is the second article of a three-part series on the BCC Grace and Truth website written by biblical counselors at Lighthouse Community Church. The mission of Lighthouse is to make gospel-centered disciples who exalt and proclaim Christ. Biblical counseling enables the church to fulfill that mission in the ... read more
  • The Impact of Sleep Habits on a Counselee
    As a physician, I have often been asked how much sleep a person needs. The question often comes in the context of a patient who is struggling with the effects of not sleeping well. My general answer is around eight hours a night. As I give it, I find myself ... read more
  • Counseling the Wife of a Passive Husband, Part One
    When a Christian husband is passive and fails to lead his wife in the marriage, the wife may respond to him sinfully or rightly (or both). Either way, she is hurting and needs counsel in order to choose thoughts, words, and actions that are Christ-honoring. Very often she is the ... read more