Ongoing education is important and we are here to support you!

At Grace, we have our own Resource Center where you can stop in and buy books, booklets, and other resources. Finally, we feature a link to Faith Church’s Counseling Book Store. Should you need more or have a question please contact our counseling team by email.

BCC Articles

Articles streamed in from the Biblical Counseling Coalition blog.

  • Poor, Misunderstood Hannah
    Communication is difficult for all of us. Barriers occur between those with racial, socio-economic, and generational differences. Then there are gender differences. The tendency to evaluate people and situations according to our experiences can cause a breakdown in communication. In Scripture, we have an example of a godly woman who ... read more
  • Book Review of Caring for One Another: 8 Ways to Cultivate Meaningful Relationships by Edward T. Welch
    Small Book, Big Impact Caring for One Another is a small book with significant impact. For anyone interested in bringing biblical care to others, this book is a helpful study guide. Most appropriate for use in a small group setting, it lends itself to discussion of and application to real-life ... read more
  • 15:14 Ep. 078 – CCEF 2018
    This year’s CCEF (Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation) national conference was titled “Living Scripture” and took place October 19-21. In this episode of 15:14, hear first hand from people from around the world who attended about what they took away from the conference. Click here to purchase the audio from the ... read more