Individual Counseling

Grace offers biblical counseling to individuals who need help with the personal issues they are struggling with. These issues may include things like fear, depression, loneliness, anger, addictions, eating disorders, self-mutilation, knowing God’s will, suffering and trials.

Premarital Counseling

Our premarital counseling is based on the workbook "Preparing for Marriage." Couples cover all areas of marriage including the purpose of marriage, communication, conflict resolution, finances, the roles of the husband and wife and sexual intimacy. All of our premarital counseling begins as part of our class, Preparing for Marriage. This class is offered twice per year and each class is done in one-hour increments over about eight weeks.

Family Counseling

Grace offers counseling for families who are struggling with any myriad of issues. Parents might find themselves needing help in situations of grief, substance abuse, chronic illness, issues with extended family, a separation or divorce, blended family adjustments, behavior issues and more. We are here to help parents and their children walk through all the peaks and valleys of life in a biblical way.

Marriage Counseling

While marriage is a holy covenant between three parties – a man, woman and God – we understand that men and women have a sin nature that can cause problems in a marriage.These sin issues in a marriage can be, an inability to resolve conflict biblically, inability to compromise, a breakdown in communication, role confusion or frustration, struggles with addictions, struggles with pornography, deceitfulness, unresolved conflict over parenting styles, an affair and more. When we fail to abide in Christ and seek our own solutions to these problems, we often make our situation worse, which puts a greater strain on the marriage. These marriage issues can become very painful and lead to anger, depression, loneliness, bitterness, isolation and brokenness. Grace’s marriage counseling is prepared to help couples get back on track and find hope, healing and restoration for their marriage.

Financial Counseling

Whether you struggle with budgeting or you are in deep financial trouble we have people and resources to help you respond biblically to your situation.

We offer a Biblical Finances Class in which we lay a biblical foundation for stewarding our time, talent and finances as an act of worship to Jesus. The Biblical Finances Class is a great starting place for building a foundation, asking good questions and learning how to do money management God’s way.

We also offer one-on-one financial counseling for those individuals or couples who need critical help with their finances. In one-on-one counseling, we teach the theology of finances in addition to providing tools and accountability to help realign individual financial situations.